Thursday, October 3, 2013


                                    GREEN AMBASSADORS REPORT (Sept, 2013)
                                                     YMCA OF HONG KONG

               According to the Green Action Plan drafted in the Green Ambassadors Training in May 2013, I would like to report the progress of our implementation of the plan.

        1. Stick Energy Saving Labels in Classrooms (Done on May, 2013)
           - Remind teachers to save energy and they can act as role model for students
           - Reduce carbon emission

                           2. Spread Green Message to Colleagues, Members, Participant and Working Partners while sending out email (Done on June, 2013)
                     - Spread out message to the community


                                3. Form "Little Green Ambassadors" Team (Done on Aug, 2013)
                       - Let the kids (aged 6-12) know more about the importance of environmental protection and spread the message to family and friends

                            Activities of Little Green Ambassadors:

                                                 July, 2013

Visit Tung Chung Organic Farm, YMCA of HK

Visit EcoPark

Visit Feeding Hong Kong

                                          August, 2013

Clean Up at Shek O Beach

Make Your Own Bag Workshop
 Make recycled bag by using natural colouring and food waste

                              4. Hold Family Green Programme (Done on July, 2013 – To Organic Farm)
                      -  Provide a chance for parent to educate their children though in person practice

Prepared By : Cathy Wong (YMCA of HK)
Date : Sept 4, 2013

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