Thursday, October 3, 2013

Green Team Activities in Philippines

                Green Ambassador Morito Tatel Jr. shares with us a pictorial report of the Green Team Activities in various YMCAs in Philippines.

                                               YMCA OF CAGAYAN VALLEY
      •  Solid Waste Management with income generating project
      • Tree Planting
      • Green Ambassadors’ Training Program
      • Clean Up Drive

                                                      YMCA OF MANILA
        • Green Ambassadors’ Training
        • Home Farming Training
        • Coastal Clean-Up


                                              YMCA OF OLONGAPO
        • Green Ambassadors Training Program
        • Environmental Seminars and Workshop
        • Mangrove Planting
        • Clean – up Drive

                                          YMCA OF NUEVA ECIJA
        • Street Campaigns
        • Green Ambassadors Training
        • Green School Program
        • Reforestation
        • Advocacy on the use of non-motorized vehicles
        • Recycling program

Report Sent  by Green Ambassadors Morito Tatel Jr. , YMCA OF NUEVA ECIJA

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