Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Australian YMCA Head office takes up the Spark challenge

Staff at YMCA Australia learnt all about electricity – how to measure it, how to communicate it and, importantly, how to reduce it - during their very own Spark training last week.
Fiona, Insurance and Claims Administration Officer, wasted no time putting her new-found skills into practice:
               ”I’ve stuck up thermometers on my desk, in the freezer and my fridge and I’ve got one just hanging out on                     my kitchen bench. They’ve already helped me out. Last night I almost popped the heater on for  ten                               minutes to warm the house up a bit, but my thermometer said that it was in the winter heating area, so                           I didn’t – I just got a blanket for the couch instead. Already winning!’
With their energy assessment well underway and help from their trusty energy meter, “Watty”, staff will soon see the results of their efforts to use less energy at their South Melbourne office (and at home!).
And the good news for YMCA’s across the country? They plan to share their new-found knowledge far and wide.
Image L-R: Jacqui, Colin, Fiona, Lynsie, Jennie and Francis complete the Spark Energy for Change training.

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