Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cloth Bags are Environment Friendly

On July 6th  2012, YMCA of Visakhapatnam and Y`s Men Clubs of Vizag Steel jointly organised awareness programme on `Ban the Polythene Bags’ programme at YMCA Hall.  Our programme focuses on banning POLYTHENE BAGS for pro-environment reasons.  Our objective is to empower the city-dwellers on the usages of cloth bags instead of polythene bags.  More than 70 YMCA members and Y`s Men members participated in this awareness programme. We invited Mr. Rolland Williams, The National President of YMCAs as a resource person to educate the participants. Mr. Rolland Williams,  has said  plastic was one of the most important inventions of the last century.  It has great industrial and commercial uses. However, its excessive use in recent times has threatened the environment. The polythene bags are dumped on the street garbage bins which litter the roads like anything.  Animals from our domestic field eat them resulting in their ultimate death.  He said this is a cause of great concern to all our YMCAs. The plastic cannot be destroyed, nor can it decay or decompose, like jute or paper or any other organic material. It is most hazardous material causing environmental pollution. Hence, like a demon in the making, it continues to haunt our environment.

He appealed participants to start educating the people, on the harmful effects of using polythene, by organizing discussions and workshops.   This is least a thing that we can do to ensure that we leave a clean environment for our children, as has been inherited by us.

Reported by : Pragnan Kumar

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