Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Agra YMCA Green Team

It was another memorable day in the history of YMCA AGRA when the officials gathered together to form the Green Team. The meeting started at 5:15 pm on 19th July 2012 and around 18 people from different walks of life gathered in Diocesan Office to show their love and concern for mother nature. In an impressive ice breaking session everyone told how they was involved in saving the energy.  

Mr. Vikas Singh from Rajeev Gandhi Computer Saksharta Mission said that since for the last 2 years he was planning to be part of any movement where we could think and work for our mother nature. In his Computer Centre he changed the old monitors to new TFTs and instead of CPU, he was using a device which needs no CPU and work more effectively it reduced his monthly electricity bill and also he was happy that he helped in reducing carbon emissions.

Mr. Deepak Sarin Cordinator of India Against Corruption said that it is wonderful to plant trees in Agra, but at the same time we should aware people to care the previous planted saplings. Mr. Rohin Sarin of 3rd Eye Creation said to reduce pollution, serious measures should be taken to remove polythene from city and we should also work on an alternate to polythene.

Mr. Deepak Dan, The Executive Committee Member of NIR YMCAs said when a man is taken in the emergency department of a hospital, the first thing he needs is OXYGEN. If we'll not plant trees from where do we get oxygen?

After an interactive session the Green Ambassador Amit Kapoor helped to form the Green Team of YMCA Agra with an oath by the members under the dynamic leadership of  Revd. Dr. P. P. Habil - President YMCA  Agra. The meeting ended with entertaining the members with herbal drinks which is to motivate the Green Team that there was an alternate of Cold Drinks. Why we drink Cold Drinks when Natural drinks are more healthy and refreshing.

The meeting ended with the word of prayer and benediction by Revd. Dr. P. P. Habil - Diocesan Secretary Church of North India


1. Revd. Dr. P. P. Habil                   Diocesan Secretary, Diocese of Agra
2. Mr. Deepak Dan                          Board Members YMCA AGRA
3. Mr. Derek Smith                          St. John's Inter College, Agra
4. Dr. Samuel Stanley                     St. John's College, Agra
5. Dr. Shailendra Pratap Singh      St. John's College, Agra
6. Mr. Amit Kapoor                          Green Ambassador- India
7. Mr. Trevor Rosemeyer                Anglo-Indian Association, Agra
8. Mr. Deepak Sarin                        Coordinator - India Against Corruption, Agra
9. Mr. Arun Kumar Sharma             Student M. D. Jain Inter College, Agra
10. Mr. Mayank Srivastava             Student M. D. Jain Inter College, Agra
11. Mr. Sudhir Bharadwaj               India Against Corruption, Agra
12. Mr. Rohin Sarin                          Managing Director 3rd Eye Creation
13. Mr. Vikas Singh                         Managing Director - 
                                                           Rajeev Gandhi Computer Saksharta Mission, Agra
14. Mr. Yatin Tyagi                           Rajeev Gandhi Computer Saksharta Mission, Agra
15. Mr. Raj Kumar Dass                  Dass Public School, Agra
16. Revd. Yusuf Dass                       Priest in Charge Methodist Church, Firozabad
17. Mr. C. N. Tigga                           Member YMCA AGRA

Reported by
Amit Kapoor
General Secretary YMCA Agra
YMCA Green Ambassador India

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