Saturday, August 25, 2012

YMCA of Nueva Ecija

We are happy to inform that we have already established our local Green Team and the establishment of the Green Teams in the different local YMCAs in Philippines is ongoing. As a matter of fact, me and our National General Secretary  will be going to YMCA Cagayan Valley (Tuguegarao City - 700 km from Manila) to organize their Green Team. Other local YMCAs already scheduled their Green Ambassadors Training.

Attached herewith are some pictures of our programs in Nueva Ecija. We provided a training for unemployed women in one of our adopted villages about making jewelries, accessories and bags out of wastes / recyclable materials such as paper, plastic and aluminum wrappers, etc.  We also launched  our Green Fund Campaign. Among the donations inside our donation box is a copy of a title of a two hectares of land donated to the YMCA of Nueva Ecija and YMCA of the Philippines for the establishment of an International Youth Camp and Ecology Center.

Thanks and may God bless us all and our endeavors.

Morito Tatel
General Secretary
YMCA of Nueva Ecija

Products Made Of Recycled Materials

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